We are the patate. A perfect mixture of centuries old, traditional French cuisine, brought into the modern world by two, passionate chefs.

Just like generations before us, we care about the quality of our food, and that’s why the beef in our burgers is rigorously selected, slow-cooked in red-wine for four hours with fresh vegetables and a mix of spices until we’re happy to put our name to them. 

Many hours were spent perfecting our beef Bourguignon recipe, searching for the right spices, the perfect wine and the best cooking techniques. And only when we agreed that it was complete, did we offer it to the world. 

We are Martin and Paul-Henry, two school friends who studied French cuisine together for three years in Brittany, where our passion for great cooking grew.

Martin left for Paris to fully commit to his passion for pâtisserie, while Paul-Henry studied international management in Bordeaux, so we lost touch after that.

But fate brought us back together again, as our paths crossed at Camden Market in London. And there, amongst the mouthwatering aromas of the street food stalls, our new adventure began.

For us, the patate represents the beauty of cooking. We’ve worked under Michelin starred chefs, where we would wake up early and still be toiling away late into the evening without ever seeing the smile on a customer’s face.

But the patate allows us to take our cuisine back to its roots as a way to bring people together and make them smile.

Working on the market stalls, those smiles mean everything. When an office worker arrives with the stresses of work on their shoulders, and leaves happy – those are the  simple moments that make all the hard work worthwhile.   

And now, with our first restaurant in Kentish Town, we get to enjoy the whole experience with our customers – to see them enjoying an evening with us is proof that we’re doing something right.